Manufacturing Facility


Manufacturing Facility

Developing and sustaining the pinnacle of outstanding manufacturing and production capabilities

We at TIDC India believe in excellence and innovation while manufacturing our state-of-the-art products. We have a team of over 150+ engineers who showcase their talents and utilize their skills to produce over 3000 varieties of industrial and automotive chains. The company has established a name of its own in the market owing to its excellent manufacturing capabilities, consistent performance, and delivering the highest quality.

TIDC India is a trailblazer and has significantly innovated the production process through cellular manufacturing. All our plants are integrated manufacturing centers with cellular manufacturing and have in-house tool engineering capabilities too. The entire manufacturing unit is assembled on structured operations as a stand-alone division for specific products. Along with special processes to enhance the product life, TIDC India has also practiced value engineering / value addition in manufacturing. Our cross-functional team has always focused on the pain points of the customers and has mitigated problems through manufacturing intelligence. They also have set standards by utilizing the best resources to maintain the raw materials, inventory, and have established quality manufacturing levels. The state-of-the-art production mechanism and product testing have further assisted in improvising our products.

The usage of the latest technology and supreme product design capabilities have made it possible for TIDC India to manufacture and deliver top-notch products to the customers for over six decades. And henceforth our clients recognize us as “The Complete Chain Company”.

Lean Management

At TIDC India, we practice lean management to deliver the best product to our customer base and implement continuous improvements in our products. With each step towards glory and excellence, we have elevated our levels of production and maintained the utmost sustainability. And that’s the reason why TIDC India is the most renowned and reliable brand of chains in India.

Manufacturing Process

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