Engineering & Development


Engineering & Development

Progressing beyond the zenith of global production capabilities with top-tier engineering competence

Today, TIDC Industrial Chains Division is at such great heights of success only through our Engineering excellence. The achievements of our company is based on our engineering capability and our capacity to innovate. Our capabilities have motivated us to go an extra mile in achieving absolute superiority, while our capacities have made it possible to provide our products to everyone.

The teams focus majorly on R&D sectors and have continuously delivered out-of-the-box solutions for our products and services. The ‘never-give-up’ attitudes of our skilled engineers and technicians have helped us to set new benchmarks in engineering. With such a robust working attitude from the employees and elite manufacturing practices, TIDC India has engineered world-class products for its customers. The team always aims at upscaling the design optimization and performance requirements to deliver the finest quality at a competitive cost.

In TIDC Industrial Chains Division, we attain engineering excellence by having tie-up with our customers and explore new ideas to create value addition and empathetically solve the challenge faced by our customers. Together, we work on the Product and Process Development at TIDC India. This customer-centric approach is at the core of our values and thereby consider them as a vital part of the organization. With such a constructive approach, we have been to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and uplift the quality of our products. Such is our unmatched brilliance in engineering that has let us establish a firm position and always stay at the highest summit in the chain industry.

Product Design

This is where the real magic happens! We at TIDC India manufacture the product as per our customer needs and shape with utmost compliance of art and science. Our aim is to design a product with a problem-solving approach and having exquisite quality.

Tool Design & Development

Our manufacturing plants have world-class equipments and smartest technologies to simulate, analyze, and fabricate the tool. This is where we develop tools with competitive costs, excellent capabilities, and supreme quality.

Product Testing

Our products are tested in extreme conditions to match the global standards of our customer base. The specialized machinery and equipment in our manufacturing plants can simulate any type of conditions to check every performance parameter of our products. Our Corporate Technology Centre enables TIDC India to do virtual simulation and prototyping of new products. It also gives us an opportunity to consistently improve the attributes, feasibility, and performance of our products.

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