Zeus – High strength Stainless Steel Chains – Bolster Your Machine Performance With Diamond Zeus

TIDC Industrial Chains Division has launched a revolutionary product with a motive to foster value addition to our end users. Diamond “Zeus” range of high strength stainless steel chains combine the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and strength of carbon steel.

What All Does Zeus Have to Offer?

Diamond Zeus – High Strength Stainless Steel Chains provides

  1. Anti-corrosion features enabled under high-temperature conditions.
  2. The chains are carefully designed to be rust or reaction free when in contact with food materials, chemicals, or marine conditions.
  3. Highly resistant to stress corrosion cracking.

What Makes Zeus Different?

The Zeus chains are developed to perform and deliver under extreme conditions and environments. They operate seamlessly under the vast temperature spectrum like very low conditions of freezers to very high conditions of ovens, chemical applicative strata like food packaging and processing. They offer better corrosion resistance than steel or plated chains underwater or in contact with acids, alkalis, etc. The combination allows high load resistance and maximum corrosion resistance. The operating temperature is tested from 40 degrees to 600 degrees. The tensile strength will be on par with carbon steel chains.

How Can You Benefit From Zeus?

As leaders in the manufacturing of Industrial chains from a legacy firm- Tube Investments of India Ltd under the prestigious Murugappa Group, we offer our customers with the best, chain resistant to thermal fluctuations, chemical exposure, and suitable for underwater applications. The right kind of driving enablers in the manufacturing industry makes a big difference and having the apt chain kind to drive the right machine makes all the difference. Our chains are eco-friendly as they aren’t heat-treated and have a superior wear life and reducing the downtime due to decreased frequency of changing the chain. TIDC Industrial Chains Division has launched Zeus range of chains to address the pain point of our customers after series of market, product, technical and engineering research; and are hoping to come up with more array of product ranges to enhance value to our customers with innovation and engineering excellence.

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