Revive Your Coupling Technology With Roller Chain Couplings By TIDC Industrial Chains Division

A Marvel of Technology By TIDC India

The Preci+ Roller Chain Couplings from the house of Diamond, manufactured at TIDC Industrial Chains Division are compact and long-lasting which can transmit higher torque and durability. They are economical, easy to install and require the least maintenance.

Leverage The TI experience

At TIDC Industrial Chains Division, our couplings are manufactured with TI’s experience, technology, and engineering edge. Our Roller Chain couplings are suitable for various industrial applications, panning across manufacturing sectors, Food, Textile etc. The lube-free nature makes maintenance requirements simplified and hassle-free.

Our Coupling and Offerings

The Roller Chain Couplings consist of dedicated and defined sprockets with hardened teeth and carefully designed Diamond roller chains. Customization of couplings can be done based on the industry/machine or application requirements.

Save Up On Revenues

Many companies spend a good amount of money and time in making sure shafts are aligned correctly. But the actual coupling assembly and maintenance is just as important. If coupling design, assembly, alignment, and maintenance is done properly, a coupling should last for a long time. If done improperly, the machine may not even get up to speed before it fails. That is where the TIDC Preci+ Roller Chain couplings make a difference.

A Combination of Diversity And Quality

In industrial machinery, flexible couplings are common. Within that category are many different designs. But most flexible couplings require similar assembly methods. Being one of the most compact and powerful designs-they are safe and smart with a design that is functional. Proper design, application, assembly, and maintenance of coupling are just as critical as any other machine component. Reach Out to us to know more about our Roller Chain Couplings.

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