Propel The Automobile Industry With TIDC Industrial Chains Division’s Diamond Chains

Industry Overview

The automobile industry is one of the most significant propellers of the economic growth of India and one with high participation in the global value proposition. The growth of this sector has been evident from the fact that it has been able to carve a unique path among the manufacturing sectors of India. The automobiles produced in the country uniquely cater to the demands of middle-income groups of the population which makes this sector stand out among the other automobile-producing countries.

Demands of The Automobile Industry

The automotive industry functions in a way that most of the manufacturers employ methodologies that seek collaboration between different assembler units and parts, with a lean and flexible model of work. Hence the need for sustainable and low maintenance chains for automobile industry has escalated. Right from the process of stamping of a vehicle until the part where a new shining automobile is moved off to the showroom, chains play an intangible part.

TIDC Industrial Chains Division and Automobile Sector – The Fruitful Collaboration

Our brands – Diamond and Rombo have established a niche for automobile industries in the Indian as well as the global market. TIDC India has the complete range of chains used in every stage of the Automotive Manufacturing Process.

Why Choose TIDC Industrial Chains Division?

Right from the pressing, welding, and other core mechanical engineering divisions in the automotive factory to ancillary divisions of plastics, paints, etc. – everywhere our chains have played an intangible presence in the process flow. The scrap conveyor belts that eject the scrap metal parts also are enabled with our large pitch conveyor chains with attachments and carrier rollers. We at TIDC India manufacture; Large Pitch Conveyor Chains with Carrier Rollers and Central Top Rollers used for conveying car bodies through Paint shops and Ovens. Our products for the automobile sector pans across the production of Double plus Chains for usage in the Engine and Transmission assembly shop, Top Roller Chains, Outboard Roller Chains, and so on. Our specifications differ based on the application demand and guarantee robustness even at tough working conditions. 

Our systems minimize resistance, are maintenance-free, corrosion, and abrasion resistive. Any demanding automobile application that requires fatigue resistance, shock-absorbing abilities, will be handled by our tough and comprehensive chain systems. Our Chains are carefully designed to handle tough and comprehensive applications that require fatigue resistance and shock absorbing abilities.

India’s automotive industry chain needs are majorly driven by OEMs and aftermarket. At TIDC Industrial Chains Division our chain is designed to focus on enhancing the production levels & capacities of our customers to aid in sustaining the growth of the market and face the increasing export demands.

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