TIDC Industrial Chains Division On The Road to Augment The Agricultural Industry

The Agri-legacy of TIDC Industrial Chains Division

TIDC Industrial Chains Division demonstrates more than 6 decades of chain manufacturing experience and more than 3 decades of applicative and manufacturing experience in agricultural roller chain products. Our supply sectors pan across major Global OEMS like CLAAS, John Deere, CNH, Laverda, Geringhoff, etc.

Expertise in the Agricultural Sector

We have a dedicated Agricultural Chain Cell (ACC), catering to this important sector. The product categorization includes Rotovator, Rice Transplanter, Tiller, Reaper, Cotton Picker, Sugarcane Harvester, Trencher, Combine Harvesters, Sunflower harvesters, Grain Elevators, Forage harvesters, Circular Bale Unrollers, Vegetable Grading Conveyors, Fruit Packing Conveyors, Grain Dryers, Cattle Feeders Feeder House Chains, Elevator Chains, Transmission Chains, and specific utility Corn/Maize Chains.

Our Wide Array of Offerings

Equipped with Cutting Edge manufacturing standards, our products offer outstanding quality and the highest levels of performance efficiency. TIDC Industrial Chains Division’s products are High Life Series Chains, High Breaking Load, Increased Fatigue Strength, and High Bending Strength. Our versatile Agricultural Chains exhibit industrial excellence level features, progressive tooling capabilities, and optimum force relative parameters. We are equipped with state-of-art, manufacturing machinery like multi forming machines, continuous furnaces, batch type furnaces, etc.

The Catalog of Chains

We have a list of value-added products like Corrosion Resistant Chains- zinc plated, nickel plated and ZAC coated chains, Wear Resistant Chains- Hard Chrome Plated, Delta Treated, and Boronised Chains, Lube Free Chains- ‘O’ Ring and self-lubricated.

Global presence and Leadership Across Agricultural Sector

The agricultural chain division has market variant products that suit the European and American industrial practice standards. Our technologically and qualitatively better products have high life, are break-resistant, high tensile strength and low maintenance enabled. After extensive testing, these products are assimilated into agricultural applications like- Rotovator, Tiller, Reaper, Trencher, etc.

TIDC Industrial Chains Division is your one-stop-shop with our new, improved, and technically automated and advanced product range for agricultural chain system needs. Our products are sent through various levels of performance, endurance, and testing methodologies and design ideas, involving newer trend absorption in the lowest turnaround time possible.

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