Give Your Industry a New Altitude with TIDC Industrial Chains Division’s Hoist

Hoist – The Engineering Marvel

Electrical Hoists are TIDC Industrial Chains Division’s exquisite engineering technology outcomes with robustness for lifting heavy machinery, designed to function in an industrial environment. Hoists are used across a wide spectrum of industries with many jobs getting simplified and easier with the help of these hoists. The hoist, crane, and other material handling equipment manufactured under our roof are branded as “TIDC INDIA-PRECI+”.

The Brand Advantage – Golden Legacy of The Murugappa Group

“TIDC INDIA-PRECI+” hoists are designed with technical precision and material supremacy. Our brand has a wide array of hoists that cater to a wide range of applications like lifting cargo, construction equipment, locomotive sheds, warehouses, etc.

Electrical Hoists From The Engineers of TIDC Industrial Chains Division

At TIDC Industrial Chains Division, our PRECI+ range of electrical hoists command great utility performance arrays, with superior quality of motors, gears, brakes, and lubrication essentials. Owing to our long-standing and contemporary manufacturing standards, our electrical hoists are suitable for rugged usage and come with safety issuance. A few benefits of using our hoists are

  1. They come with high levels of usability ease.
  2. Noise cancellation abilities with castings as per the highest quality of industry standards.
  3. Ideal for heavy-duty operations.
  4. The gearbox is filled with oil for a better flow of lubricant into the gears and bearings.
  5. Come with several ancillary options like Cross travel brake, Cross travel limit switch, Trolley suitable for curved track, Increased speed for Hoist, CT Micro speed for Hoist, and CT Low headroom hoist.

Unlimited Variety of Excellent Solutions

Our range of EOT Cranes, Gantry Cranes, and components come enabled with a diverse feature of enabling industrial heavy work simplification.

Our Cranes come with

  • Lightweight and compact features that save space and provide ease of use.
  • All motors are fitted with top of the standard fittings and insulation.
  • Suitable for light, medium, and heavy-duty installations.
  • The cast rope grid and gears are heavy-duty and can operate over a wide range of weight pressures.

At TIDC Industrial Chains Division we are committed to adhering to the attributes of understanding your factory specific capacity, lift, speed, and power installations. Our experts will look at the nature in the lifting work, environmental surroundings, the nearby space, and safe operation, before advising of your desired speed to meet your needs.

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