TIDC Industrial Chains Division’s Harvest Enabler – Harvester Cutter Blades

Agriculture and TIDC Industrial Chains – The Productive Combination

TIDC Industrial Chains, an established and a signature brand in the manufacturing of industrial chains, also has an entrenched presence in the Combine Harvester Blades market to cater to the customers from the agriculture industry. We have global footprints in almost 43 countries and counting. Our Combine Harvester blades are manufactured using the best technology, superior raw material, and with utmost precision. Our parts are designed and manufactured to meet tough operating conditions and addressing buyer’s need. The resultant engineering marvel is a blade that slices effortlessly with absolute efficiency and reliability, even when situations are not amicable.

The Brand Value Advantage

We are one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural chains like tiller chain, attachment chains, feeder chains, elevator chains, conveyor chains, couplings, sprockets, and cutter blades to serve the agricultural sector. India being primarily an agrarian economy, the efficiency of farming equipment makes a real difference. Our DIAMOND branding harvester blade catalogue flaunts a wide array of blade types like GDR, Class , Class HD, Basket , Basket HD, Bottom Blade, M Type and M HD types etc , armed with fine detailing Under our brand PRECI+ “From the house of DIAMOND”.

Cutting Edge Technology Equipped With Precision

Optimal energy consumption, cutting resistance and cut quality are TIDC Industrial Chains Division Preci+ blade advantages, and the wide gamut of blades have durability and stays rust proof under sturdy construction. The agriculture market requirements are divergent, dependable and custom-made. We are equipped by an ultra-present day infrastructural unit that is equipped with all the imperative equipment to manufacture products with finesse. With the wide specification of combined harvester blades the accomplishment of our organization helps us to fabricate premium quality machinery parts and instruments within a guaranteed time span.

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