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Innovation-First Strategy at TIDC India

Unfaltering innovation in design and heralding new products in the market has been the zest of TIDC Industrial Chains Division. Multiple quality control iterations and maintenance checks, along with the right processing of customer feedback-coupled with the urge to address customer challenges has always lead TIDC Industrial Chains Division to launch well-researched and engineering marvels as products. Our team recently recognized the need to address redesigning of chains whose application encompasses the area where the need for running the chain without lubrication comes as a key challenge.

Challenges in The Industry

Challenges that can be foreseen in the lubrication process that remains vital for chain endurance can be categorized under

  • The need for clean/dry production environment.
  • Applications where the lubrication process can contaminate the manufacturing surroundings.
  • Crucial factory conditions that do not solicit space/necessary ambience to carry out periodical lubrication.

Diamond Athlete from the House of TIDC Industrial Chains Division

To cater to this gap, TIDC Industrial Chains Division came up with our signature maintenance-free chains “DIAMOND ATHLETE”, that are designed to ensure optimal chain performance in the above-mentioned circumstances. The corrosion resilient, lube-free, high performance, intervention-free chains work in difficult industry conditions. The tribological science that has been adopted in this specific development is an engineering marvel that alters the usual wear outs and challenges that the industry faces when it comes to lubrication limitations. Coating options that are plausible in the Athlete Chains include Zinc Plating, Zinc Nickel Plating, Zinc Aluminum Coating, and so on. Subject to being almost maintenance-free its greener properties enable lesser cleaning and hence, are lighter on the environment.

Why Choose Athlete Chains?

Our Athlete Chains have seamlessly enabled many industries. To name a few

  • Food Industry: packaging, food and beverage, where traditional lubrication and lubrication systems are not an option.
  • Medical Technology: owing to dry and ambient requirements and restricted maintenance access.
  • Industries such as Ceramics, Paint and Packaging, Automobile, Print, Textiles and so on also solicit for similar self-lubricating, and productivity and cleanliness critical applications.

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